Deer Tick

Album Review: ‘Negativity’ by Deer Tick

It seems ironic that just a week before releasing its fifth LP, “Negativity,” Deer Tick celebrated the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s infamous third album with a front-to-back cover of “In Utero.” Since Kurt Cobain’s death, music scholars and coked-up Nirvana groupies alike have looked to “In Utero” as the ultimate display of teenage angst and youth rebellion.

Derek Schwartz | Contributing Writer

Now Hear This! – Deer Tick

To encourage Wash. U. students to check out local shows, Cadenza presents our new weekly feature, “Now Hear This!” in which we preview an act that will be playing in the 314 over the weekend. A Tampa reviewer wrote that a recent Deer Tick show whipped band and fans into a “redneck chaos.”

| Music Editor

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