Matt’s Musings: An Angeleno reflects on the legacy of Kobe Bryant

What happens when a being of godlike status dies? What happens when someone of great power, influence, fame and love meets the same end as us normal mortals? What happens when a legend dies?

Matt Singer | Sports Columnist

On the erasure of wrongdoing

People remember past accomplishments but forget the person’s shortcomings. Alternatively, they forget how much they dismissed the person while they were alive.

Jordan Coley | Contributing Writer

When someone dies, consider the bad and the good

I’m not here to say what is or isn’t appropriate, but instead to take a step back and look at the entirety of a person’s life, and not just the parts that fit your initial feelings.

| Staff Writer

BREAKING: Student found dead in East End construction site

A student was found dead early Friday morning in the East End construction site, an email from Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Lori White confirmed Friday afternoon.

| Managing Editor

Celebrity and death

O n Oct. 5, 2011, the Cardinals beat the Phillies 5-3, forcing a fifth playoff game and ultimately winning the series in a nail-biter of a finale. Awesome, right? Overall, I’d say Wednesday was a good day. Except for the big news that Steve Jobs died. I have to say, though, I didn’t really care. The guy had a particularly insidious form of cancer.

| Staff Columnist

Medical School’s Dr. Flance passes away

Dr. I. Jerome Flance, physician, professor and community activist passed away last Friday, at the age of 98. Flance died of old age, and left a long legacy, which was commemorated at his funeral this Tuesday. Flance was heavily connected to Washington University throughout his life.

| News Editor

Student found deceased in Rubelmann

Freshman Elizabeth Barry was found deceased this afternoon in her bed in Rubelmann Hall, according to a statement sent out by Washington University.

| Senior News Editor

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