Fall W.I.L.D. mash-up

Students flocked to Brookings Quadrangle to see Mike Posner, the White Panda and OCD: Moosh & Twist play at W.I.L.D. on Friday evening. Here are some of the highlights…

| News Editors

Now Hear This: DAYGLOW

As you all know, W.I.L.D. is this Friday. There will be lots of pre-gaming, a musical act you may or may not have heard of and the majority of the Washington University student body wandering around the Quad. It’s a good Wash. U. bonding experience. But this year, W.I.L.D. coincides with DAYGLOW. Guess what?

| Cadenza Reporter

Too much of a good thing

Perhaps it is too early in the year to be lamenting anything. But lament I will. In two weeks, Wash. U. students will be faced with a major, major problem. A problem that I don’t believe I have ever encountered in my tenure at this institution. This problem, which stirs the very depths of my being, is the problem of too many parties.

| Forum Editor

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