What to do with a boo-less Valentine’s Day

Buckle up, grab your tissues (and maybe your lotion) and remember we are all alone in the end anyway.

Staff editorial: How to woo your boo at WU

Our Editorial Board is here with some tips for how to find your soul mate (or just a date, or a friend) on campus.

‘Dating’ apps: Where social media requires social interaction

Perhaps Mark Zuckerberg predicted the rise of Tinder, too. After all, he invented FaceMash, a website that allowed you to compare the physical attractiveness of women for fun.

Isabelle Gillman | Contributing Writer

Katy’s Korner: How does dating as a freshman girl work?

My advice to you is to catch feels. Cultivate those heart sparkles.

| Staff Columnist

Breaking down our relationship dealbreakers

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, but Student Life is picky. Here’s who won’t be getting any of our conversation hearts Sunday morning.

Sex Survey proves engineers get more than just jobs: Results of survey show high intra-major dating

According to the results of this year’s Student Life Sex Survey, most Washington University students tend to date someone within the same school or division of major.

Amelia Ma | Contributing Reporter

Date a Wash. U. student (we’re all there is)

In our last issue, we highlighted an OkCupid analysis that ranked users from Washington University highest in confidence and dating message quality. We at Student Life are pleased that the sexual prowess of our fellow Wash. U. students is finally being recognized—it’s about time.

Claudia’s Counsel: Two friends in our circle just broke up and now things within the group are weird. What should I do?

We love our friends, and when they get hurt, it’s hard for us to not come back swinging on their behalf. We care for them and want to protect them, and this becomes even more complex when the issue is between two of your friends.

| Scene Editor

Claudia’s Counsel: “Is it better to make some compromises and be in a relationship or date around to find the perfect match?”

I personally think it is better to continue dating until you find the person you believe to be the best possible fit for you. This is idealistic, and I understand that not everyone may believe in the concept of “soul mates,” but I also do not believe that you should settle for a person who only half clicks with you.

| Scene Editor

To swipe or not to swipe?: The rights and lefts of Tinder on campus

All across campus, thumbs can be seen repeatedly swiping left and right. No, it’s not Flappy Bird or 2048. Tinder’s popularity seems to have exploded in the recent weeks and months, leading to a variety of usage styles amongst Washington University students. Just today, a friend of mine asked me, “So is Tinder where all the other guys are meeting girls?

| Senior Scene Editor

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