As some Missouri conservatives denounce Josh Hawley, donors on WU’s Board of Trustees stay silent

Two vice chairs of the Washington University Board of Trustees who donated thousands of dollars to U.S. Senator Josh Hawley’s campaigns have remained silent this week as other top Missouri Republican donors condemned Hawley’s role in last Wednesday’s violent Washington, D.C. riots.

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‘He was the most admired human being in the city of St. Louis’: How Danforth shaped Washington University for decades to come

As Chancellor Andrew Martin put it in the hours after Danforth’s death, “In addition to his innumerous accomplishments, we will also remember Bill for his passion for our mission, his relentless pursuit of excellence and his abiding appreciation for and commitment to the people who make up our Washington University community.”

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Focus on: Campus Landscaping

Spring at Washington University is indie W.I.L.D., moody rain showers, spontaneous tornadoes, painfully lovely sunshine when finals are around the corner and—most consistently—Wash. U.’s many flowerbeds in bloom. Just how much effort is put into making plants a part of Wash. U.’s aesthetic?

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Despite committee recommendation, search continues for sexual assault prevention coordinator

After more than two decades of discussion, efforts to create an office to lead Washington University’s sexual assault prevention efforts are picking up pace, but there remains no consensus on how soon the position will be filled.

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Big names drive DUC funding

Carrying a $43 million price tag, the new Danforth University Center houses the names of many prominent University donors, but has yet to secure funding for many of the building’s spaces.

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