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DUC construction plans to improve student media collaboration

Construction on the third floor of the Danforth University Center (DUC) to reorganize the student media area and incorporate the Gephardt Institute for Public Service will begin after spring break.

| News Editor

Tobacco ban enforcement should not be a student responsibility

Despite the campus-wide tobacco ban, people are still smoking cigarettes around Washington University. Students and faculty alike have been slipping through the cracks, smoking on campus with few or no repercussions. Enforcement of the tobacco ban by the University has been severely lacking, and the penalties for smoking on campus are woefully unclear.

Kappa Sig to build home for Habitat

The Danforth University Center (DUC) is often filled with the jarring voices of various fraternity and sorority members calling out to students to give money to one charity organization or another, giving out tattoos, bracelets and food. All Greek organizations host philanthropy events.

| News Staff

From green to colorful

What happened to the square green plates that were used at the Danforth University Centery (DUC) last year?

| Scene Reporter

Webfood: Online orders for DUC food available this fall

Starting this fall, students will have the option to pre-order certain menu items online and pick up their items at the Danforth University Center at no additional cost.

| Staff Reporter

Name an elevator in your honor!

The Danforth University Center, the newest darling of the Danforth Campus, is a little ridiculous. It seems you can’t walk 10 feet without discovering a new plaque.

| Op-Ed Submission

Despite success of DUC, Mallinckrodt Center still important

Although the lunchtime crowds have moved to the Danforth University Center and plans for renovation have been delayed, Mallinckrodt Center still plays a major function in programming by Washington University’s student groups.

| News Editor

New antennas may improve cell service

Washington University will begin the installation of an interior cellular reception system within the Danforth University Center this week, hoping to alleviate network problems cited by many students.

| Staff Reporter

Event Services needs change

This year ought to have been an exciting one for student groups looking to utilize Washington University’s new space.

A (very) selective review of the Public Service Fair

Desiring to find out more about getting involved in St. Louis but feeling quite lazy, I decided to check out the Public Service Fair held in the Danforth University Center on Sept. 23.

| Staff Columnist

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