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Washington University School of Medicine to introduce new curriculum next year

The Washington University School of Medicine plans to revamp its entire curriculum starting in the 2020-2021 academic year.

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Replacement for Discovery Curriculum encourages greater interdisciplinary study

Clusters, the core of the College of Arts & Sciences’ Discovery Curriculum introduced in 2001, have been replaced for students in the class of 2016 and beyond. They have been replaced with “Integrations,” and the Discovery Curriculum will be succeeded by the new “Integrated InQuiry” (IQ) system, developed collaboratively over a four-year period.

IAS major needs a stronger core curriculum

Approximately 200 students at Washington University major in International and Area Studies (IAS), a notoriously flexible program. The major currently has four concentrations (East Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, European Studies and International Studies).

Proposed curriculum changes are a push in the right direction

On April 13, ArtSci Council released a statement of proposed changes to the curriculum in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Arts & Sciences curriculum under review

The Washington University administration is set to review the Arts & Sciences curriculum, which has remained unchanged nine years after its inception in 1999. The administration will focus on the cluster system, which all Arts & Sciences students are required to complete in order to graduate. Clusters are pre-designed groupings of classes in each of […]

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