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Editor’s Note Episode 18: Testing Expansion

In response to recent increases of student cases, Washington University made walk-in COVID-19 testing available at the Mudd Field testing tent for all undergraduate and graduate students on Monday, March 22. In this week’s episode, freshman Kamala Madireddi discusses the current state of COVID cases and testing with Senior News Editor junior Ted Moskal and […]

| Staff Reporter

WU expands testing access for students to include walk-in COVID tests out of Mudd Field tent

Washington University has the capacity to administer 250 tests per week through the facility.

| Senior News Editor

As universities across the country adopt different COVID-19 testing strategies, here is how WU’s plan stacks up

Different strategies for testing and mitigation have yielded different results among many of WU’s peer institutions.

| Staff Reporter

Parents, students call for increased COVID-19 testing and transparency in spring semester

With Washington University’s COVID-19 testing policies remaining largely unchanged from the fall semester, parents and students have called for more frequent COVID-19 testing and increased transparency for the spring semester.

Orli Sheffey | News Editor

WUSM students call for access to asymptomatic testing, ‘feel pretty underappreciated’

Despite concerns expressed by students over the last several months, Washington University will not provide asymptomatic COVID-19 testing to graduate students, continuing its policy from the fall semester.

| Senior News Editor

WUSM’s new COVID-19 testing grant focuses on children with disabilities through a partnership with the Special School District of St. Louis

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine received a $5 million, two-year grant to provide 50,000 saliva COVID-19 tests to students, staff and teachers at schools in the St. Louis area.

Grace Kennard | Staff Reporter

University COVID alert level increases to orange as St. Louis sees an uptick in cases; campus infection rate remains low

The Danforth campus COVID-19 dashboard alert level returned to orange, or high alert this week. The high alert indicates that few on-campus activities will occur, and students and faculty should proceed with a high degree of caution.

Elizabeth Phelan | Staff Reporter

Navigating WU as a freshman during the pandemic

Maybe it was optimism, maybe it was denial. Either way, here I am, a freshman in college in the middle of the pandemic.

Ryan Ricks | Contributing Writer

WU launches COVID dashboard monitoring cases in the Danforth campus community

Although Washington University’s COVID-19 dashboard provides enough information to recognize the University’s relatively strong performance against the pandemic so far, a quick comparison with the dashboards of peer institutions reveals that the University’s available data is limited.

Anirudh Kesanapally | Contributing Reporter

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