COVID-19 pandemic

Counterpoint: I am not optimistic about these vaccines

But it is not the safety of the vaccine which I am most worried about but rather the social consequence of an unsafe or otherwise botched process of vaccine distribution.

Thomas Humphrey | Staff Writer

Point: Roll up your sleeves and do your part

While some skeptics say that we shouldn’t trust a vaccine developed so quickly, I believe we don’t have much of a choice.

Olivia Poolos | Staff Writer

Op-Ed: We are not okay

Washington University claims to care about its students, and learn our names and our stories—but those words are hollow if we do not make radical changes to how we approach the remainder of this pandemic.

Ranen Miao | Class of 2023

Staff Editorial: We’ve done our part, you do yours

The Student Life Editorial Board asks that the University reconsider its policy regarding two wellness days in favor of giving students five wellness days to equate to what we would have in a normal spring break.

Staff editorial: The University’s Thanksgiving policy flip-flop flopped

Yet again, the University’s communication with us has been lacking transparency and timeliness, leaving us in the dark when we need to be anywhere else.

Staff Editorial: This is hard, but we can get through it

This election season, it’s important to protect yourself and your mental health. Here, the members of the Student Life Editorial Board share their methods of grounding themselves and finding some peace in uncertainty.

You’re not being tyrannized, just dramatic

Yet despite the astounding death toll, despite the many people who now have an empty seat at their dinner tables, despite those who have lost their homes as the virus has made them financially unstable, there are still those like the woman in the TikTok video who abhor the thought of wearing a mask.

| Managing Editor

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