COVID-19 pandemic

Booster shot remains strongly recommended, new COVID housing policies for fall

This year, the Habif Health and Wellness Center at Washington University continues to strongly recommend the booster. At the same time, Washington University is loosening COVID-19 quarantine and isolation policies. 

| Contributing Writer

Op-Ed: After a series of miscues, Wash. U. has failed students

Nonetheless, Wash. U. has the capability to support and accommodate students in this defining moment in the school’s history. There are only a few weeks left in the semester: It’s now or never.

Evan Jenness & Jojo Spio | Class of 2023

Party once, shame on you; party twice, still shame on you

Simply put, college kids are partying because other college kids have decided it’s okay, or are too afraid to push back when they see it happening.

| Staff Writer

‘It’s kind of my journey on the way of adulting’: How freshmen who spent the fall semester at home have adjusted to an in-person spring

For freshmen who had attended classes remotely for their first semester of college, getting a first look at campus wasn’t something done in short sleeves and T-shirts, but rather under the many layers of clothing necessary for the bitter St. Louis conditions of mid-January.

| Staff Writer

Staff Editorial: How to make the most of your wellness days

So, the Student Life Editorial Board members share their tips on how to unwind during the wellness days.

‘I wish it could be a secret’: Students grapple with their decision to receive the vaccine

Quick, easy, painless. That is how freshman Hailey Weiss described her experience getting the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The shot was so painless that at first, she wasn’t even sure that she got it, the only thing assuring her being the sight of blood under her bandage.

| Staff Writer

Staff Editorial: As spring begins, enter with empathy

That’s why we ask that the Washington University community starts this spring with an important goal in mind—to remain empathetic.

‘Tis (still) the season to be jolly

Where Christmas had previously crept up on me, always something to be anticipated around the corner, last year it came and went like another Friday. And once it went, I was left wishing that I could have a do-over.

Jamila Dawkins | Forum Editor

Staff Editorial: WU students owe a lot of people for helping us come out the other side

So, thank the people who’ve helped you get to this point in the semester, the people who have accommodated you and cared for you these past few months.

An extrovert’s guide to quarantining

I’m writing this to hopefully help ease some of the anxiety that people might have going into quarantine and give some tactics that might make your time quarantining somewhat easier. So without further ado, let me share with you the (un)definitive extrovert’s guide to quarantining.

| Staff Writer

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