Lee’s Little List: Three country music artists that don’t suck

There’s so much Nashville Dirt-Road-Chevy-Ram-Ford-Pickup-Truck garbage that gives country as a whole a bad name. But behind that steaming mound of Bro-country crap, there are so many extremely talented artists from down South who deserve at least a listen or two.

Lee Whitehead | Contributing Writer

Album Review: “Fuse” by Keith Urban

Keith Urban’s eighth studio album, “Fuse,” was released on Tuesday. The album is an update on Urban’s typical style of country with a pop flair, introducing more rhythm and blues and some sultry vocals. The album features only 13 tracks, but the deluxe version on iTunes offers three more for true Urban fans.

Caroline Gutbezahl | Contributing Writer

Top 10 Country Breakup Songs

Now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, relationships will be ending left and right. And nobody does breakups better than country artists, which is strange because most of them are happily married to each other. With our Top 10 Country Breakup Songs, Cadenza has you covered if you’re of the recently single set. 10. […]

Now Hear This! Sugarland

Sugarland, the bubbly pop-country duo comprised of Atlanta natives Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush, brings its show to the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre this Friday, Oct. 7. With more than 10 Grammys and five No. 1 U.S. country singles to its credit, the band represents the rare combination of being beloved by both critics and fans alike.

| Movie/TV Editor

‘Own the Night’ | Lady Antebellum

“Own the Night,” the third album from country trio Lady Antebellum, is a solid but forgettable effort. No song comes close to the radio ubiquity that was “Need You Now,” which is good news for those of us who began to lose our sanity every time we heard it and especially when it won every single award at the Grammys.

| Movie/TV Editor

‘Get Closer’ | Keith Urban

With Keith Urban’s trademark electric guitar and sexy voice as strong as ever, and with the country twang that makes him one of the best male country singers, his fans won’t be disappointed with “Get Closer.”

| Cadenza Reporter

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