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What to expect when you’re electing

Moving away for college brings many challenges, one of which is relearning local politics. From mayors to senators, here’s your basic guide to the politicians near the Washington University bubble.

| Contributing Writer

‘Failing to act urgently is unreasonable’: Cori Bush calls for racial justice at WU climate change dialogue

Congresswoman Cori Bush and other community leaders discussed methods for combatting climate change in MO at a Washington University and UMSL hosted panel

| Staff Reporter

How WU baseball prepped one Bear to work for Cori Bush

When the pandemic canceled last spring’s baseball season, Jack Besser lost his internship, too. In the wake of that loss, however, came a new opportunity.

| Staff Reporter

‘Clearly grounds to impeach’: 8 WU political scientists sign open letter calling for Trump’s removal, condemn Hawley

Eight Washington University political scientists signed an open letter calling for the removal of President Donald Trump either through impeachment or invoking the 25th Amendment due to his refusal to accept legitimate election results and incitement of violence at the United States Capitol last week.

| Senior Editor

WU students use new streamlined process to cast votes at the Athletic Complex, as Republicans maintain hold on Missouri

A streamlined voting process enabled a smooth Election Day for on-campus Washington University undergraduate voters, as Republicans swept Missouri’s elections and won a swing House district just west of the University.

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