Behind the scenes with the architects of the East End

Arriving at the completed 570,000-square-foot landscape took years of planning, design and construction, about $360 million dollars and multiple teams of architects.

| Senior Editor

Construction update: East End completion still on track

East End construction is on schedule for completion. University Architect James Kolker said that building occupants will be able to move into their new offices over the summer. Construction on McKelvey Hall, the new computer science and engineering building, will continue into fall 2020.

Merry May Ma | Contributing Reporter

Administration responds to student concerns over removal of Gargoyle and Mallinckrodt 100A

Following the student body’s negative reaction to the news that the Gargoyle and Mallinckrodt 100A would no longer be available to student organizations after May, administrators said they plan to address the concerns of student groups that use those spaces.

| Staff Reporter

Staff editorial: University-driven surveys hold promise

The Student Life Editorial Board commends the University for taking proactive steps to solicit feedback as they plan the future of the University.

University conducts survey to guide campus renovation

The Office of Student Affairs put up surveys on boards around campus just before Thanksgiving break, asking students for their thoughts about campus spaces.

Noah Slaughter | Contributing Reporter

Staff Editorial: Overpass construction is an inconvenience to all

As classes begin, students approaching Danforth Campus from the north will be faced with an unpleasant surprise as they encounter the now-closed Overpass for the first time.

Newman Exploration Center and Thomas Gallery open in Olin Library

An open house event allowed Washington University students, faculty and St. Louis residents to tour the recently opened Newman Tower of Collections and Exploration and the Thomas Gallery last Thursday.

Jessica Bigley | Staff Reporter

Wash. U. no longer to renovate Lee, Beaumont over summer 2018

The decision to cancel the planned renovation was made when the architect of the project discovered accessibility-related challenges with the new design.

Kathleen White | Staff Reporter

Lee and Beaumont residential halls to be renovated in summer 2018

Lee and Beaumont Residential College will be renovated in summer 2018 for the incoming class of 2022, delaying its demolition date by an estimated 10-15 years.

Emma Baker | News Editor

Whispers Cafe reopens after 18 months of construction

Olin Library’s Whispers Cafe reopened Tuesday after an 18-month hiatus, offering new coffee and tea options in its latest iteration.

Jessica Bigley | Contributing Reporter

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