Op-ed: A red line against racist ideologies: A call to action

This whole controversy has needlessly centered whiteness and the most privileged individuals on this campus. However, this controversy is not about white people; it is about the rights of marginalized communities and their allies on Washington University’s campus.

Christian Ralph | Graduate School of Engineering Class of 2020

Letter to the editor

Intolerance is corrosive; it dehumanizes and breeds an atmosphere of fear and hatred.

David Schwartzman | Graduate Student in Business

Letter to the editor

It is absolutely fine to have strong political beliefs and to express why you believe them to be true. However, if you value productive discussions, you shouldn’t declare your opposition and their ideas to be simply not welcome. That is straightforwardly non-conducive to holding any meaningful dialogue.

Walter Treat | Class of 2022

Letter to the editor

We must be open to the other side, to the possibility that we are wrong; we must be open to work together to find the truth and to solve problems together; only then will we see and progress.

Jack Pruett | Class of 2021

Letter to the editor

I find the latest column appalling. Not only is it incredibly self-serving and presumptuous, but it’s also hypocritical and completely out of touch with the political reality in this country. It equates all conservatism with bigotry and likens the legitimacy of conservative political ideals to alchemy.

Ariel Vasser | Class of 2019

Op-ed: It’s OK that liberals don’t feel welcome (in our business school)

Across the country at business schools like ours, college left-wingers say they face social isolation because of their beliefs.

Owen Auch and Ian DeMoura | Class of 2019

A clarification

I’ve made some people angry. Last week I wrote an article, which argued that we shouldn’t feel obligated to embrace certain ideas on campus, that has since been circulated through alumni networks, right-wing media outlets and the parts of the internet people are referring to when they say “the internet” derisively.

Sean Lundergan | Staff Writer

Letter from the editor

A letter from our editor-in-chief, Sam Seekings, responding to the backlash surrounding the article “It’s OK that conservatives don’t feel welcome.”

| Editor-in-Chief

Staff editorial: University messages require consistency, action in light of recent debate

If the University truly wants to establish itself permanently as the flourishing, vibrant, politically-active campus it becomes in the days preceding presidential debates or major elections, change starts from the top down.

It’s OK that conservatives don’t feel welcome

Conservative ideas do not deserve equal consideration to that afforded liberal and left ideas, because conservative ideas are not equal to liberal and left ideas.

Sean Lundergan | Staff Writer

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