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Grab-n-go food items full of the fat, sodium their labels indicate

Unusually high numbers found on the nutrition facts of various grab-n-go and other food items sold on campus have caused several students to express concerns regarding the accuracy of the labels, but for the most part, these labels are true.

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For unhealthy food, we wonder: Students’ choice or Connie’s?

Ensuring that such healthy options are available in all walks of the student dining experience—most relevantly, including grab-n-go the selection for students in a rush to eat between classes—is still a step that Dining Services needs to take.

‘Real Housewives of St. Louis’ an absolutely unmitigated disaster of a spinoff

Bravo, the network known for Top Chef and for being gayer than LOGO, recently premiered the pilot of their latest “Real Housewives” spinoff this past Wednesday, set in our very own home city of St. Louis. And if the pilot was any indication, this could be the trashiest edition of “Real Housewives” yet.

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Editorial Cartoon: What are you thankful for this year?

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New study declares freshman 15 a ‘media myth’

A new study on college weight gain asserts that the oft-fabled freshman 15 is actually more like the freshman 2.5 to 3.5. Researchers from Ohio State University and the University of Michigan-Dearborn have deemed the freshman 15 a media myth, finding that college freshmen, on average, only gain about half a pound more than young adults not enrolled in college.

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Dining Services behind on posting nutritional information online

Students are having difficulty finding nutritional information for many food items on campus. Although Dining Services posts nutritional information, including calorie and fat counts online, it is not comprehensive and is sometimes misleading. The information is missing for many items.

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Dining Services responds to new US guidelines on healthy eating

As federal officials emphasize the importance of healthy eating, the newly released 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans challenge Washington University dining menus to meet higher standards.

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Study finds ‘Freshman 15’ is actually 2.7

Many college students are all too acquainted with the phrase “Freshman 15.” But according to a recent study on freshman weight gain, the Freshman 15 may be just a myth.

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