Wash U Confessions administrator to step down, requests page become dormant

The Wash U Confessions administrator, junior Brian Lam, will resign his post of the Facebook forum page in February and will not pass the page along, as is per tradition.

| News Editor

‘Raymond vs. Raymond’ | Usher

What happened to Usher? In 2004, the R&B singer released his hugely successful album “Confessions,” which spawned four number-one singles—“Yeah,” “Burn,” “Confessions Part II” and “My Boo.” Then, he tried to make a comeback in 2008 with “Here I Stand,” which managed to feature one number-one hit, “Love in this Club.” Now Usher has returned with his new album, “Raymond vs. Raymond,” in the hopes that he can regain his former title of R&B king. At this point, that seems highly unlikely.

| Cadenza Movie Editor

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