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Music you love as a stress reliever: My experience at an AJR concert

There’s always this feeling I have right after leaving the movie theater, like the world stopped moving while you sat in your seat and were transported to an alternate universe. I got that same sort of feeling as the lights went down at the end of AJR’s “Neotheater” tour.

Orly Einhorn | Contributing Writer

SWMRS show at the Ready Room sets St. Louis on fire

On April 23, the band SWMRS came to the Ready Room and brought both punk rock and advocacy for social change.

Patricia Alvarez | Contributing Writer

From Bandcamp to backstage: Car Seat Headrest at Delmar Hall

Before Car Seat Headrest’s Will Toledo had spoken a word, I already had a sense of the performance to come—a strong, almost violent bass was blaring from the speakers. It was the kind of sound that reverberates through your body, the kind you can feel.

Aiden Blinn | Staff Writer

X Ambassadors sing in the holiday season at the Pageant

On a Tuesday eve just days before break, the campus was quiet with everyone tucked away in dorm rooms and library cubicles preparing for fast-approaching final exams. A few doors down on the Delmar Loop, however, the night was far from quiet.

| Staff Writer

JoJo opens up to audience at Old Rock House in Soulard

At 24 years old, Joanna Noelle Blagden Levesque, better known as her stage name, JoJo, has already been a presence in the music industry for over 10 years. She performed on a rainy Tuesday night at St. Louis’ own Old Rock House to an audience of older, dedicated fans.

Jessie Colston | Contributing Writer

Twenty One Pilots harmonize on All Hallows’ Eve

Amidst the darkness of Chaifetz Arena on this past Saturday’s misty Hallows’ Eve, many excited Twenty One Pilots fans sat awaiting a frighteningly fantastic musical experience.

| Staff Writer

Death Cab for Cutie doesn’t pay the same old fare

The Oct. 13 Death Cab for Cutie concert at the Fox Theatre felt like an evening with an altogether different band. In contrast with mellow performances of the past, the show was characterized by movement, energy and excitement, a result of the new sound of their latest release, “Narrow Stairs.”

| Cadenza Reporter

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