The overlooked risk of technology

The stereotypical classroom scene—kids reading from textbooks or taking notes off their teacher’s writings on a chalkboard—is disappearing. All over the country, schools are beginning to replace textbooks with laptops.

| Staff Columnist

Apple: Business as usual

On Jan. 17, Steve Jobs announced a medical leave of absence, just months after a taxing liver transplant in early January. Jobs’ reprieve reflects the multiple operations that the CEO has undergone over the past several years, beginning in 2004 when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

| Senior Forum Editor

How are we getting our software?

Washington University excels in its peer group of research institutions in advancing knowledge and conveying it to students through a world-class faculty. However, the University lags behind in providing some of the tools we need to work on our assignments, namely required software that is frequently not available to students at affordable prices.

Want to be sustainable? Shut down!

The soft hum of computers is noticeable in every building on campus. When computers are left on, they continue to take up extra energy on the Washington University campus. Engineering Senator Vinod Ravikumar noticed this excess use of energy on campus.

| News Editor

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