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“Community” finally returns

If you’re feeling a little bit of deja vu right now, you’re not mistaken. Almost five months ago, Student Life ran a small preview for the fourth season of NBC’s comedy underdog “Community,” a show centered on a study group of misfits at a subpar community college.

‘Community’ is back, but how’s it doing?

After what amounted to an unusually but not ridiculously long winter hiatus, “Community” returned to NBC on March 15. The three episodes since the return have been … decent. I wasn’t exactly part of the #sixseasonsandamovie campaign on Twitter, but I do like “Community.

NBC’s new Thursday-night lineup

Big changes have come to NBC’s Thursday-night comedy block, and our feelings are mixed on the lineup.

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Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade wishlist

I record the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade every year, because, really, I’m not going to wake up to watch it live. Still, I find myself fast-forwarding through most of the balloons and floats, because they are either old-fashioned or just plain boring.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

If only these characters went to our school

During the middle-of-the-fall entertainment news lull, Cadenza needs to get creative with what stories to run. Our solution? Thinking of TV/movie characters that really should go to our school, if they were, well, real. Here’s what we came up with. Alex Dunphy (“Modern Family”) Wash. U. would give Alex the opportunity to explore all of […]

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Sick of Homework? Here’s Even More TV!

THURSDAY Community NBC, 7 p.m. “Community,” returning for its third season, centers on self-obsessed fake lawyer Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) and the group of friends that he meets when forced to attend community college. The show is great at its portrayal of classic TV tropes while managing to turn them all on their head.

‘Community’ star cracks up students in comedy show

Students lined up outside of Graham Chapel two hours prior to Donald Glover’s Thursday-evening performance to ensure themselves seats in the later filled-to-capacity audience. “How many of you know me from my show ‘Community’?” Donald Glover asked the audience, near the start of his set. “Well this is going to be nothing like that….It’ll be a lot nerdier.

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‘Community’ star brings stand-up show to campus

Donald Glover, a rapper and star of the television show “Community,” will be coming to Washington University for the Campus Programming Council’s Spring Comedy Show. Glover will be doing stand-up on April 7 in Graham Chapel. DC Pierson will open for him.

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Will they be canceled? Should they be canceled?

It’s that time of year again. What shows deserve renewals, and which have earned their place on the chopping block?

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WU reaching out to St. Louis on issue of teen pregnancy

The University is starting the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative, a five-year educational program in the St. Louis region designed to educate teens currently in foster care about safe sex; including pregnancy prevention, contraception and prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The program will target approximately 600 teenage girls still in or “aging out” of foster care.

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