University hosts Sababa Jewish festival

Washington University hosted The Sababa Festival, an exhibition of Jewish arts and culture, on Sept. 18. 

| Contributing Writer

Staff Editorial: As the semester comes to an end, reflect on lessons learned during COVID-19

Reflecting on lessons we have learned during COVID-19 may help us create a better future. Of these lessons, one central theme emerges—being more cognizant and respectful of others and our surrounding communities.

Staff Editorial: Now is not the time for complacency

It’s important to note that even with the countrywide vaccination program in place and the decreased number of cases, the pandemic has not yet gone away, and we still must act accordingly.

Making space for Black creatives: Noir Collective validates the Black artistic voice

A new club on campus, Noir Collective is proving that being a creative is a viable option for Black people and is creating a space for them to explore creativity, especially with other artists. 

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Staff Editorial: The election is over, but we’re not done

Start with what binds us—the University itself—and work from there to explore and understand how the University impacts the greater St. Louis community.

Why America must normalize masks beyond the pandemic

It only makes sense that Americans should normalize wearing a mask when you are sick, even beyond the setting of a pandemic.

Reilly Brady | Staff Writer

This sucks: Let’s get through it together

“It is easy to forget that when dealing with the inevitable cascade of problems in the next month, but before you start to get angry at someone, take a second to remember that whoever you are dealing with is probably in a pretty bad spot as well.”

Thomas Humphrey | Staff Writer

Staff Editorial: On homesickness and finding a sense of campus community

We as an editorial board have come up with a few tips in order to alleviate homesickness.

A call for community dialogue and progress

The Diversity Affairs Council, a branch of Student Union, recognizes that the image posted online on Oct. 30, regardless of the intention, has hurt members of our community. As representatives of the Washington University in St. Louis student body, we are disheartened by this incident.

| Diversity Affairs Council

A statement from the Diversity Affairs Council

The Diversity Affairs Council (DAC) recognizes the events of Tuesday night because we are students and representatives of the Washington University in St. Louis community. Our purpose is to foster a more inclusive campus environment and provide a connection between the student body and administration.

Diversity Affairs Council Cabinet

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