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Social Change Grants tougher to land

Each year, the Community Service Office distributes grants to students to complete service projects of their choice. A total of $22,000 will be given out this year through two Stern Social Change Grants, one Kaldi’s Social Change Grant and one Gephardt Social Change Grant. This year, approximately 20 to 30 students applied for the four available grants, either individually or in groups.

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Playing spades with juvenile delinquents

By senior year, most students at Washington University have been to four activities fairs and participated, however briefly, in more than 10 extracurricular activities. We are flooded by opportunities to get involved, find our passions and contribute to our communities. I love this about our University; we do find time to prioritize something other than schoolwork and our social lives.

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Successful start to community service this year

After two successful blood drives and a range of service activities, the Community Service Office hopes to continue to expand its programming.

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Marrow drive looks to expand

Instead of the usual exhausted pre-meds pouring over their biology textbooks on Wednesday night, the study room in the Danforth dormitory was full of students filling out paperwork, swabbing their cheeks and contributing to the campus movement to increase bone marrow donors.

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University calls on students to get involved as Gustav hammers coast

University leaders like Stephanie Kurtzman, director of the Community Service Office (CSO), and junior Jeff Nelson, vice president of administration, are encouraging Washington University students to come together to aid Gustav recovery efforts much like they did after Katrina’s destructive impact.

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