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Washington University not to enter bid for 2020 presidential debate

Washington University will not apply to host a 2020 presidential debate.

| Senior News Editor

WU to host second presidential debate in 2016

Washington University will host a presidential debate on Oct. 9, 2016, the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) announced Wednesday.

| Managing Editor

Washington University applies to host 2012 presidential debate

Washington University confirmed that they have applied to host a presidential debate in 2012. The University hosted the 2008 vice-presidential debate, between then-candidates Sarah Palin and Joseph Biden. Before that, the University hosted presidential debates in 1992, 2000 and 2004.

| Senior News Editor

St. Louis loses bid for Democratic National Convention in 2012

St. Louis lost its bid to host the 2012 Democratic National Convention earlier this month. On Feb. 1, the Democratic National Committee opted to hold the convention in Charlotte, N.C., leaving out the remaining finalists St. Louis, Cleveland and Minneapolis.

| Staff Reporter

Wrighton: debate ‘flawless in terms of execution’

Drawing in more viewers than any other vice presidential debate in history, Thursday’s vice presidential debate at Washington University went off without a hitch, University Chancellor Mark Wrighton said.

| Contributing Reporters

Over 400 students received debate tickets

A total of 432 students received tickets to the vice presidential debate—close to three times the number of students who had received tickets at previous debates.

| Contributing Reporter

Washington State U. not bitter over missing debate

When Washington University received the offer to host the vice presidential debate in November 2007, it was the second choice for an event that pundits never predicted would amass the media attention it did.

| Contributing Reporter

Why host the debate on a college campus?

As I watch Washington University prepare for the vice presidential debate tonight, one question keeps haunting me: Why host the debate on a college campus?

| Staff Columnist

Breaking trend, VP debate takes the spotlight

Fought out between Democrat Walter Mondale and Republican Bob Dole, the first vice presidential debate in 1976 was held much in the same format as a presidential debate, covering the same issues the presidential candidates had discussed in three previous debates.

| Contributing Reporter

University full of debate history

Though heightened security and bustling activity surrounds the run-up to the vice presidential debate, the national spotlight is nothing new for administrators at Washington University.

| Staff Reporter

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