Super Bowl Scavenger Hunt

Struggling to focus on the game? Here’s a fun scavenger hunt. Rack up “points” each time you encounter these glorious experiences throughout the game itself and the accompanying commercials (or the commercials and accompanying game). Turn it into a game of Bingo or something more “fun,” whatever.

Sports Staff

Cadenza’s favorite Super Bowl commercials

The Super Bowl is like Christmas for advertising agencies, because it’s the one day of the year when everyone gets excited about the commercials they normally skip when they watch shows on digital video recorder. Cadenza’s playing right into their game by listing our favorite Super Bowl commercials of years past.

Super Bowl commercial roundup

Some people watch the Super Bowl because their teams are fighting for the win. Some people watch the game because their favorite musicians are performing at halftime. Some people watch it to gather together with friends and wings.

| Cadenza Staff

CNN instead of commercials

I’ve often wished Washington University had Division I athletics, but not for the athletics themselves.

| Staff Columnist

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