Battle for the box office: Superhero genre weighs quality v. quantity

Anyone who has been tuned into popular culture this year can’t have missed the intensive media campaigns of two giants in their field, both fighting to come out on top in one of the fastest escalating competitions in recent memory. Of course, I am talking about the struggle between Marvel and DC Comics.

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Star Clipper to close its doors

The store was an integral part of the Loop community because it was a reader’s store instead of a collector’s store, meaning customers weren’t simply buying vintage comics to re-sell but to actually read them. The staff was always on top of trends and well informed when talking with customers about the books they were buying.

Erica Sloan | Staff Reporter

FOX’s ‘Gotham’ looks to continue Batman craze

“Gotham” looks to emulate Nolan’s grim tone and achieves it in its own right by the end of the pilot episode.

| Staff Writer

Cadenza’s favorite Webcomics

It’s hard to say where newspaper comics will go in the next few years, but have you heard of this interweb thing? There are Webcomics all over the Internet, and, yes, you will find your share of “Marmadukes” out there, but there are also some really good ones. Here are the best of the best, […]

‘Generations’ an actually viable concept

With a degree in the liberal arts, you get a lot out of the Sunday funnies. This last Sunday, on the front page of the Cincinnati Enquirer’s comics, Jeremy in “Zits” shows his parents a highly technical presentation he put together for a high school class. How much time did he spend doing it? “All together? About 20 minutes.” His parents’ response, and the punchline of the strip: “Stop the Internet. I want to get off,” his mom says with a dazed look. Responds his dad, “I fell off a while back.”

| Managing Editor

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