Brewing community: LaJoy’s Coffee, more than a cafe

The airy glass walls of the Schnuck Pavilion’s Parkside Cafe pre-date the arrival of LaJoy’s Coffee to the building, yet they feel like a perfect match nonetheless.

| Staff Writer

The encyclopedia of beverages I hate but still regularly consume

On an almost daily basis, I decide to consume beverages that I absolutely despise, knowing I’m not going to enjoy them, but continuing anyway. I find myself regularly disappointed, not in the mediocre drinks I consume, but in myself for undergoing such torture.

Dorian DeBose | Senior Editor

Please, don’t stop

It’s always infuriating to be caught walking behind someone, only to have them abruptly stop in the middle of walking, forcing you to have to do some tactical dodge to avoid crashing into them.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

Coffee with Joywave: Pranks, mugs, and inconveniencing the majority

Satire synth pop band Joywave is out with a new album called Content. And lead singer Daniel Armbruster likes coffee. Let’s talk about that.

| Senior Editor

The six types of people you meet at Starbucks at 5 a.m.

You’re probably thinking, “I have been to a Starbucks before, but it has not ever been at five in the morning.” That’s great! We have! And it has had an impact on us!

and | Senior Editors

Dining Services revamps late night, early morning offerings

Most students have noticed a rather famous item missing from the Dining Services menu: mozzarella sticks.

Lizzi Kehoe | Contributing Reporter

A visit to Sump Coffee: Experimenting with tradition

Sump Coffee lies south of Cherokee Street, eight miles from campus and well off the MetroLink corridor, so even with its reputation as the epitome of specialty coffee, perhaps more so than Blueprint Coffee, I doubt many students have made the trip to South City. But is it worth the voyage (and the price)? I mean to answer that question.

| Contributing Reporter

In search of the perfect brew: An investigation at Blueprint Coffee

Modern American culture seems to have deemed gastronomic precision in vogue. The finest restaurants all must be locally sourced and organic. The classic, conservative combo of coffee and doughnuts has become an opportunity for classiness. Take a trip to Vincent Van Doughnut in Clayton to see fried dough baked and sculpted into pieces of edible art. Or go, as I did, to Blueprint Coffee’s seasonal coffee tasting to see how far a cup of joe really can go.

Harry Hall | Contributing Writer

Editorial Cartoon: The Zarf

Esther Hamburger | Student Life

Technology and coffee

The world fell apart today. It imploded. I could not check my Facebook while waiting in line, distract myself during lecture, or check my email…but really, I just left my phone and computer in my dorm for 24 hours. Throughout the day, I did not check any social media sites or return any texts, calls or emails.

| Staff Columnist

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