Green Cup winners announced

The Green Cup was more successful this year than last, said Director of Sustainability Phil Valko, and he hopes the success will carry through the rest of the year. The Green Cup is a competition amongst the Washington University Residential Colleges and the fraternities to see which can decrease their energy consumption by the highest […]

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Green Action protests Arch Coal practices

“Steven Leer, why is he here?” chanted 40 Washington University students and community members who demonstrated at the Arch Coal headquarters on Friday. They were protesting the actions of both the company and Arch CEO and University board-of-trustees member Steven Leer.

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Group gives WU same grade in sustainability as last year

Washington University has earned a B on the Sustainable Endowment Institute’s college sustainability report card for the 2011 school year and the report has garnered mixed responses from students and faculty.

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Letter to the Editor

It is good to see that the field of energy and the environment, and the research done by faculty, is creating a debate/discussion on campus amongst the students.  It helps all of us get better educated on the challenging issues we face.

Pratim Biswas

Coal debate heats up Graham Chapel

An old-time cowboy and a suave Washington lobbyist faced off in Graham Chapel Tuesday to discuss the future of coal. The Great Coal Debate, hosted by Student Union and organized by the Washington University Climate Justice Alliance, brought two opposing men into the same debate.

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Students gearing up for Great Coal Debate

Debate regarding the future of coal will touch Washington University’s campus once again this week. Fred Palmer of Peabody Energy and Bruce Nilles from the Sierra Club will face each other in Tuesday’s Great Coal Debate.

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WU can do better than coal

Prestigious colleges and universities like Washington University have the potential, capacity and responsibility to lead the nation when it comes to making the right choices.

Bruce Nilles | Op-Ed Submission

Speaking out against coal

Student activists lined the walkways leading up to Olin Library to voice their opposition to electricity obtained from the burning of coal.

University’s sustainability plan not good enough

I’m relieved to see finally the Wash. U. sustainability plan, but it isn’t good enough. I appreciate the administration’s efforts to adopt broad policies that will help reduce the University’s impact on nature. The fact that our university acknowledges the serious threat climate change poses to the nation’s natural resources (which is probably more than coal and energy executives on its board are willing to admit) is refreshing.

| Forum Editor

University should consider renewable energy sources

This Monday, members of our student body engaged in a flash mob protest to demonstrate opposition to the framing of Washington University’s “Energy Future” conference. The conference promoted a vision of future energy sources that left out renewable energy such as wind and solar and directed its emphasis to nuclear power, clean coal and genetically engineered biofuels.

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