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Spread the word: WUChurn is back and butter than ever

WUChurn, Washington University’s butter churning society, has been an occasional talking point on WashU admission tours. However, the club, which was founded in 2016, no longer existed by 2019.

| Contributing Writer

Center for Diversity and Inclusion speaks to best practices for clubs

With the Activities Fair comes an influx of new club members, and with new members comes tha age-old question: how do clubs make sure they are inclusive of everyone who wants to join?

| Managing Scene Editor

Staff Editorial: Join a club; what do you have to lose?

Joining a club provides you with an instant community of people with common interests, which can be a vital source of support throughout your college career.

Don’t be afraid of rejection from students groups

The number of groups at the activities fair is enough to span the entire perimeter of Mudd Field, so letting rejection from just one discourage you from joining any others is pointless.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

On fear of doing things (and missing out)

I have diagnosed myself with Fear of Doing Things, FODT. FODT is the unsexy cousin of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). She is almost as unappealing linguistically as she is in practice.

Mia LaBarge | Contributing Writer

Social Attitude Club encourages socialization through confident speech

Out of pure frustration, he looked to create a club in which he could find the meaningful social atmosphere he yearned for throughout his freshman year. He knew it didn’t make sense—one person trying to create a social club just didn’t add up.

Mia Kweskin | Contributing Reporter

How to survive the Activities Fair

“Be not afraid of activities: some are born to do activities, some achieve certain activities, and some have activities thrust upon us.” These are the wise (slightly tweaked) words of William Shakespeare. As you may well know, Wash. U.’s activity fair is approaching this Wednesday, Sept. 5, in Brookings Quadrangle.

The St. Louis club scene

For those of you who are convinced there is no excitement to be had in St. Louis, think again; all you need is a little spontaneity. And, of course, being 21 certainly doesn’t hurt.

| Scene Regular Features Editor

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