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Four simple items that make sustainable college living easy, affordable

Wake up. Turn the bedside lamp on. Brush teeth. Buy coffee at Whispers Cafe. Go to class. Eat a snack. Stop by the bookstore. It’s a fairly mundane morning routine at Washington University.

Ali Gold | Senior Editor

Fossil Free WashU interrupts Martin’s Parent & Family Weekend event with chants

Fossil Free WashU disrupted Chancellor Martin’s discussion with parents during a Parent & Family Weekend event, Nov 2.

| News Editor

Climate crisis not a game

This summer, tornadoes ravaged the Midwest while hurricanes pounded the coasts. These storms are becoming more severe and frequent than they were in the past because of warmer temperatures.

University should consider how deep its commitment to environmentalism runs

Why is it that the University cannot become carbon neutral? Why is it that only some of the new buildings are LEED certified to the gold standard? And why is it that Vice Chancellor of Sustainability Matt Malten has been virtually invisible to students while he spent a year collecting data?

The climate crisis’ stakes and why I don’t mind so much

How many of you read the Freshman Reading Program book this summer, “Field Notes from a Catastrophe” by Elizabeth Kolbert?” (A smattering of hands tentatively go up.) “Well, that’s a start.” How many of you actually care? (Nobody moves.) Welcome, class, to a dying world. Let me tell you two reasons why you should give […]

| Staff Columnist

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