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Future or ‘farce’: A look at WU’s Consortium for Clean Coal Utilization

While Washington University’s Consortium for Clean Coal Utilization (CCCU) describes itself as a research center on the cutting edge of climate solutions, the consortium’s support for the continued use of fossil fuels and its focus on carbon capture and sequestration have faced scrutiny.

| Staff Reporter

Let’s talk about Peabody

From the Kent State protests to the Kony 2012 campaign, there is an undeniable trend that April showers bring a little more than May flowers: zealous youth with enough energy to fight literally any type of “injustice.

Aaron Hall | Staff Writer

Why activism is especially relevant now

Hurricane Sandy has flooded New York. The summer, triple-digit heat waves and an extreme drought struck St. Louis. Yet, for the first time since 1988, climate change was not mentioned once in the presidential or vice presidential debates.

Caroline Burney | Class of 2014

Big coal’s on board

This Tuesday, in a class named Energy and Environmental Issues, I had the privilege of listening to a guest lecture by Professor Eric Zencey on a new economic paradigm—ecological economics. The talk was certainly interesting and made me wonder about the limits of traditional economic theory.

Seth Berkman | Op-Ed Submission

Letter to the Editor

It is good to see that the field of energy and the environment, and the research done by faculty, is creating a debate/discussion on campus amongst the students.  It helps all of us get better educated on the challenging issues we face.

Pratim Biswas

“Clean Coal” and the corporate influence on Washington University

In response to Greg Schweizers’s op-ed on October 6th, “A pragmatic environmentalist’s defense of “Clean Coal” research and the MAGEEP Symposium on Global Energy Future”, I would like to express why it is distressing that our University continues to present and promote false solutions for the future of energy in our world.

Martin Witchger

A Pragmatic Environmentalist’s Defense of “Clean Coal” Research and the MAGEEP Symposium on Global Energy Future

It is the day after an alternative energy symposium put on by the McDonnell Academy Global Energy and Environment Partnership which saw many experts converge on our campus to discuss our energy future – including the hotly debated and often contested role that coal will play and the corresponding research into “clean coal” at Washington University.

Op-Ed Submission

Parody site jabs at coal group

A goal of the Consortium for Clean Coal Utilization is “to distort public understanding of a clean energy future,” at least according to a parody Web site aimed at the consortium.

| News Editor

Chancellor Wrighton on endowment, ethics, race and clean coal

Student Life conducted an interview with Chancellor Mark Wrighton after the most recent quarterly meeting of the board of directors on Friday. The discussion involved a review of major events that occurred during the semester.

| News Staff

VIDEO: Jeff Nelson interview

Student Union President Jeff Nelson talked to Student Life about a number of events within SU this week, including the passing of multiple “green” resolutions, the recent SU Executive resignations, and SU’s interaction with the University on its recent financial struggles, as well as new projects like an SU-funded system of grants for student initiatives. […]

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