Clayton Police Department

News in brief: Coronavirus update, two off-campus gunpoint robberies

The Washington University International Travel Oversight Committee Executive Body enacted a travel restriction for all University-supported trips to mainland China in the wake of the global coronavirus outbreak, Jan. 29.

| Senior News Editor

City of Clayton mayor releases letter responding to investigation of police actions during IHOP incident

In the letter, Sanger explained the findings of the independent investigation into the situation launched by the mayor’s office and the Board of Aldermen. In the report, Sanger outlined his belief that the police officers involved acted properly, citing that some of the students were carrying IHOP to-go bags, were walking from the general area of the restaurant and were the only visible people on the street.

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Bon Appetit worker shot in forearm, campus on lockdown for over an hour

The Danforth Campus went on lockdown for over an hour yesterday after a shooting on Forsyth Boulevard left a Bon Appetit employee with a gunshot wound to her forearm.

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Tickets to privilege

A few weeks ago, I got two traffic tickets in one night. Though embarrassing at first (no amount of sleep deprivation gives you an excuse for backing into police cars, which I did), my evening of two successive encounters with the Clayton Police Department has become a good story, and it comes as no surprise to anyone who has ever seen me operate a car—the fact of the matter is, I am a terrible, terrible driver.

| Senior Forum Editor

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