An ode to the best sex scene in cinematic history

Atonement is not a pornographic film. In fact, similar to the hit television series Downton Abbey, the characters discreetly develop affections for one another whilst romping around with British accents and in scrumptious get-ups. Unlike, Downton Abbey, however, Atonement has a sex scene, and a perfect one at that. The foreplay to this scene is quiet and alluring.

Jamie Gottlieb | Student Life

Interview with fashion journalist: Derek Blasberg

St. Louis native Derek Blasberg has come a long way since his modest Midwestern childhood. I had the pleasure of attending his intimate book signing at Left Bank Books this past weekend, where his family and friends were all in attendance (including Chloë Sevigny and Byrdie Bell—yes, they are just as beautiful in person).

| Scene Fashion Columnist

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