Midseason TV preview

The life of a Wash. U. student is fairly stressful, and we all need a release at the end of the day. The easiest way for us to escape from tests, papers and studying galore is to fall into the wonderful world of television.

Ashley Adam | Cadenza Staff

The StudLife post football TV guide

The football season is over, and the NFL has relinquished the TV back to those who don’t really care for contact sports. Bye-bye Super Bowl; hello regularly-scheduled programming. Here’s a handy schedule of what you should be watching. Monday House 7 p.m. FOX I always find myself getting drawn toward “House,” and I can’t say […]

| TV Editor

Cadenza Fall TV Schedule

Here at Cadenza, we love us some TV. In fact, we love it so much that sometimes we have to hate on a show to love on another. We spent weeks compiling our Master Television Listing, but it was never perfect. We had our hearts and souls invested in a couple of these shows, and […]

| Cadenza Reporters

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