Removal of one-child policy only symbolic

This October, China issued a proposal to alter its one-child policy to a two-child policy. Before it announced the new proposal, China had already been making relaxations on the policy, allowing married couples to have a second child if the father or mother is an only child. Thus, the new two-child policy can be seen as an extension of the relaxed policy.

Jeff Kang | Contributing Writer

Huntsman speaks about “maximizing our democracy” through commitment to change

Former governor, ambassador to China and presidential candidate Jon Huntsman Jr. spoke in Graham Chapel Tuesday evening about his reflections on politics, the college generation and China. Huntsman spoke of the good things he is expecting from this generation, especially the ways in which he hopes it will serve the country.

| Staff Reporter

The rise of China: Threat or opportunity?

The dawn of the 21st century has marked a key moment in the development of China’s role in global affairs as it begins to increase its global status and power. Outlandish and irrational myths, however, have surfaced about China’s growth due to a largely uniformed constituency.

| Aaron Hall | Contributing Writer

Understanding China’s image in the U.S.

Just to name a few words related to China that I have really been asked about here on campus during the past month: human rights, dictating government, gaps between the rich and the poor, media censorship, one-child policy, floppy law and piracy.

Fangzhou Xiao | Contributing Writer

“Washington University,” the No. 2 “diploma mill” in the world?

It is already confusing enough that there are so many universities named after Washington. This month, a widespread news article in China named “Washington University” the #2 diploma mill in the world. Now, the Wash. U. students from China have one more thing to explain to their friends and future employers.

International undergraduate population from China soars at WU, nationally

Over the past five years, the number of Chinese undergraduates attending Washington University has more than quintupled, according to statistics from the Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS). For the class of 2015, the OISS reported that 182 undergraduate students from China accepted admission to the University, up from 29 half a decade ago.

| Contributing Reporter

Don’t point fingers at China

A distant nation with a growing population, booming economy, and hardworking labor force is threatening to remove the United States from atop its economic throne. The hysteria and fear aimed at China comes from American policymakers unwilling to accept due criticism of their own decisions.

| Staff Columnist

East and West converge at Lopata Classic

This past weekend’s Lopata Classic basketball tournament featured one school that had never played a game in the United States before: Tsinghua University.

| Sports Reporter

Bears snap losing streak with two wins to start opening homestand

This year’s 27th Annual Lopata Classic featured the classic match-up of the 21st century—U.S.A. versus China. The Washington University men’s basketball team (3-3) defeated Tsinghua University, from Beijing, China, 80-70 on Friday, Dec. 3, and then defeated Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges 66-57 on Saturday, Dec. 4.

| Sports Reporter

Consumption of Western Fast Food in China

With the opening of the Chinese market, more and more Western fast food consumption flooded into China. KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s have occupied their respective shares in the Chinese market. They brought Chinese people with Western food such as hamburgers, sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, salads, fried chicken and fried potatoes.

Vicky D. Liu | Class of 2012

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