Cherry Tree Café

“Phillipe” Sandwich To Expand Across Campus

The popular Phillipe sandwich from Cherry Tree Cafe will be sold all over campus starting in November. This specialized peanut butter and jelly will be sold prepackaged at first, and if sales are successful, it could potentially be added to the menu.

Tyler Friedman | Contributing Reporter

Introducing Miss Betty Shannon

If Betty Shannon is your cashier during your next visit to Bear’s Den, don’t be surprised if you leave with more than your stir-fry. She may give advice on topics like the job market or housing, offer a big hug, engage you in friendly chatter, ask to take your picture or surprise you with a smile.

| Scene Editor

Introducing: Phillip Sutherland

Bear’s Den has a Renaissance man on its hands. Phillip Sutherland is a triple threat: sandwich genius, musical talent and genuinely great person. But apart from the fact that he makes a killer Dagwood, do you really know Phillip? Phillip has lived in St. Louis for all of his 26 years.

| Scene Reporter

Introducing: Ms. Angela Ford

If you’ve ever been to Bear’s Den after 6 p.m. during the week, you’ve probably met Ms. Angela Ford. She’s a cashier in the main cafeteria and the Cherry Tree Café who never fails to make your day brighter. Even when battling a cough, she will always compliment your hair or jacket or even just ask how your day went. She calls every student her baby.

| Scene Reporter

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