Relay For Life raises over $175K, ends downward trend

Washington University students raised a total of $175,546.81 at this weekend’s 14th annual Relay For Life event, which is an increase from last year’s total and a step forward after a few years of a downward trend in donations.

Rory Mather | Contributing Reporter

ThurtenE defines carnival as ‘community event,’ not charity fundraiser

This weekend’s ThurtenE carnival featured seven facades, more than a dozen rides and a student breaking a world record for underwater Rubik’s cubing. It didn’t necessarily raise much money for charity.

Alex Siegman | Staff Reporter

The liabilities of a tradition

With yet another incarnation of the ThurtenE Carnival in the books, Wash. U. students are once again left with more questions than answers, more gripes than good feelings about the whole event.

Habitat for Humanity receives $5000 grant

The Washington University chapter of Habitat for Humanity has been awarded a $5000 matching grant by State Farm.

| Senior News Editor

Building the future: the Alberti Program

It takes a village to raise a child. Few students at Washington University are children, but we depend on resources like the Writing Center and Student Financial Services. Unfortunately, children of the poorer St. Louis school districts lack access to an adequate education.

| Senior Scene Editor

Charitable student business sells athletic shorts, wins competition

The Skandalaris Center has enabled University students to make a have a positive impact on the international community, one pair of shorts at a time. A new business run by current University students, Edele, will be selling running shorts and donating a portion of their proceeds to charity.

| News Editor

Campus food drive benefits local charity for the needy

The Community Service Office and several other groups are hoping to spread peanut butter and jelly to the St. Louis homeless community. PB & Joy, a new student-run food drive, will benefit Operation Food Search, a St. Louis organization that distributes free food to the hungry and poor.

| News Editors

Styleta: selling designer clothes for charity

Community service is getting a stylish makeover on campus. Yifan Meng is the first campus director of Styleta, a nationwide non-profit organization that sells designer clothes to benefit women’s initiatives.

| Scene Reporter

Playing soccer for a cause

Shortly before Jeff LaBoskey arrived at Washington University for his freshman year in Sept. 2001, he was informed that his sister had been diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer known as Ewing’s Sarcoma. Less than a year later, she sadly passed away. When it occurred to LaBoskey that there was, and still is, very little research being done in the field of cancer that caused this tragedy, he decided that he wanted to make a difference and started the Sunbeam Center.

| Sports Reporter

Remembering what it means to be charitable

At Wash. U., we seem to love being charitable. Every fraternity and every sorority puts on at least one philanthropic event every year. Each honorary has several community service initiatives, which often involve fundraisers for charity. We come together for Linus, Thurtene and Mr. Wash. U.

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