Staff Editorial: 9-day Bear Beginnings proves to be a work in progress

If the First Year Center and Campus Life intend to keep a nine-day orientation moving forward, there are many lessons to be learned from this year’s issues.

Huntsman speaks about “maximizing our democracy” through commitment to change

Former governor, ambassador to China and presidential candidate Jon Huntsman Jr. spoke in Graham Chapel Tuesday evening about his reflections on politics, the college generation and China. Huntsman spoke of the good things he is expecting from this generation, especially the ways in which he hopes it will serve the country.

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Hammocks and expectations hamper true intentions

I realized the other day that there is no dignified way to climb out of a hammock. I was lying in one outside my dorm, sprawled against my most favorite philosopher, Plato (sarcasm), catching up on some reading that was long overdue.

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