Staff Editorial: 2020 brings the hope of continued safety improvements

The Editorial Board commends Martin for his continuous effort and support on the matter, for being proactive rather than reactive to the safety of Wash. U. students.

Staff Editorial: Our hopes for Chancellor Martin’s tenure

We as Student Life’s Editorial Board will be listening closely to Martin’s speech in hopes of hearing a few key commitments we think are important to the student body.

New chancellor greets Danforth Campus

Washington University held a reception for the Chancellor Designate Andrew Martin, which was attended by approximately 400 students, Tuesday, Sept. 25.

Merry May Ma | Contributing Reporter

Students express concerns during chancellor search hearing sessions

As the search for a new chancellor at Washington University continues, multiple hearing sessions were held on Nov. 29, Dec. 4 and Dec. 5 so that students, faculty and staff could voice their opinions on what they want to see in the next chancellor.

Jessica Bigley | Contributing Reporter

Chancellor talks WU history, endowment in annual State of the University address

Chancellor Mark Wrighton addressed racial inequality and fielded student questions about the endowment before a medium-sized crowd in Umrath Lounge at his annual State of the University Address.

Eddie Liu | Contributing Reporter

Quiz: Which Wash. U. administrator are you?

Do you ever lose sleep at night trying to figure out which Washington University administrator you’re similar to? Are you struggling to find a quiz that would answer this burning question on BuzzFeed? Is it weird that I knew that, almost like I looked into your brain? Take this quiz!

| Senior Scene Editor

Chancellor Wrighton on endowment, ethics, race and clean coal

Student Life conducted an interview with Chancellor Mark Wrighton after the most recent quarterly meeting of the board of directors on Friday. The discussion involved a review of major events that occurred during the semester.

| News Staff

The rising price of university presidents

The median compensation of private university presidents increased 5.5 percent in the 2007-2008 fiscal year, up to $627,750, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education’s annual executive compensation survey. The survey’s data came from federal tax documents released before the economic downturn. In light of the economy, many private university presidents have frozen their salaries or, in the case of Washington University Chancellor Mark Wrighton, taken voluntary pay cuts.

Contributing Reporter

Uncertain times for universities echo past crises

With the nation dealing with an economic downturn and an increasing unemployment rate, universities and colleges are trying to take prudent steps in investing their funds after drastic reductions in their endowments. “What we are trying to do, in this era, is to take prudent steps to make sure that we can thrive as we […]

| Contributing Reporter

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