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Wrighton releases statement on immigrant ban

Following an executive order issued by President Donald Trump Friday that banned immigration from certain countries into the United States, Chancellor Mark Wrighton released a statement to the Washington University community Sunday afternoon.

Chancellor named second highest-paid head of school

A recent ranking, courtesy of the Chronicle for Higher Education, places Chancellor Mark Wrighton as the second-highest paid leader of a private college in 2014—a ranking that administrators say is artificially high and an anomaly due to a supplemental executive retirement plan approved by the board of trustees in 2004.

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Wrighton email error raises concerns online

We’ve come to expect it: something tragic happens—a shooting, a natural disaster—and an email pops up in the inboxes of students and faculty all across Washington University “on behalf of Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton.”

| Senior Editor

Trustees approve plan for major campus expansion

The University intends to do this by adding two new academic buildings, Jubel Hall and Weil Hall, as well as green spaces, an underground parking garage and two glass buildings: a designated welcome center for admissions and a building the administration has tentatively titled “The Hub,” which is slated to feature dining spaces, showers, changing rooms and academic programming.

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Gun violence initiative unsure of ramifications, politicized mission

On Tuesday, April 21, Washington University will be hosting the first of a year-long series of panels dealing with the issue of gun violence.

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Better know an admin: Mr. Chancellor goes to Steak ‘n Shake

“I already know what I want,” Wrighton says as we open our menus at a nearby Steak ’n Shake. This is not just any Steak ’n Shake, however. It’s the one located on Manchester Avenue, where the waitress knows his name and asks as soon as he sits down whether he’ll be having regular or Diet Coke today.

| Senior Scene Editor

Students of Fossil Free WashU aim for divestment with letter to chancellor

As part of Global Divestment Day, Fossil Free WashU sent a letter to Chancellor Mark Wrighton on Feb. 13 encouraging him to divest Washington University’s endowment from fossil fuel companies.

| Staff Reporter

WU gathers for Day of Diversity discussions

A University-wide “Day of Discovery and Dialogue” on the subject of race and ethnicity addressed issues of racism and diversity on campus that have become increasingly prominent following recent events in Ferguson.

| Senior News Editor

With student activist demands come need for change

In some ways, University officials have demonstrated a laudable desire to seriously examine our own complicity in the institutional racism of St. Louis. When I say “our,” I mean all of us who study or work at Wash. U., not just the administrators who take most of the heat.

| Senior Forum Editor

Students take protests to chancellor’s lawn, December graduation

Chancellor Mark Wrighton has agreed to meet with student protest organizers about issues surrounding recent events in Ferguson next semester. This meeting with administrators was one of student protesters’ demands of the chancellor and Washington University. Despite this demand being met, on-campus protests have continued, including one this weekend at the December degree-candidate recognition ceremony.

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