‘Home away from home’: Campus religious organizations connect through virtual programming

When sophomore Scott Massey learned that students wouldn’t be returning to Washington University this semester, his immediate thought was to connect with his campus religious community. One of the main reform service leaders at Hillel, Massey quickly texted Rabbi Jordan Gerson to express interest in creating a form of worship experience over the internet.

| Senior Scene Editor

Sukkah on wheels: Chabad celebrates Sukkot through traveling structure

Although midterm season may prevent many Jewish students from attending recent holiday services and gatherings, Chabad on Campus found a way to bring festivities to them last week.

| Senior Scene Editor

Op-Ed: Don’t take advantage of everything college has to offer

After working with Wash. U. students for 17 years, I have observed a striking trend: Students find the most impact and meaning in the activities and communities in which they participate most intensively.

Chana R. Novack | Co-director of Chabad at Washington University

‘Don’t be bystanders’: Holocaust survivor Rachel Miller shares her story

If you ask Chesterfield, Missouri, resident and Holocaust survivor Rachel Miller what to do when confronting those who continue to deny the genocide of the Holocaust, she will give you a very simple answer.

Jaden Satenstein | Senior Scene Editor

Religious groups, CDI host ceremony responding to Pittsburgh shooting

Students, faculty and administrators gathered outside of Francis Olympic Stadium to show support for the victims of Saturday’s shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Wednesday, Oct. 30.

| Contributing Reporter

Campus responds to shooting at Pittsburgh synagogue

Chancellor Mark Wrighton released a statement to the Washington University student body in an email later that afternoon. Twenty-two percent of the student body identifies as Jewish, according estimates by Hillel. In his statement, Wrighton directly characterized the attack as one driven by hate.

| Senior News Editor

Op-ed: Counting our blessings

We experience that sense of well-being and happiness when someone is appreciative of us, but we also experience it when we express appreciation and gratitude. According to researchers, gratitude creates “an upward spiral of emotions.”

Rabbi Hershey Novak | Director of Chabad

Holocaust survivor, WU alum to speak on religious tolerance

Dr. Eugen Schoenfeld, Washington University alumnus and Holocaust survivor, will discuss religious tolerance and the sociopolitical factors that led to the Holocaust in a lecture sponsored by the Chabad Student Association in Tisch Commons Monday at 5 p.m.

Emma Baker | News Editor

Finished Sefer Torah rededicated to Wash. U. Chabad chapter

Around 30 Washington University students, along with campus Chabad Rabbi Hershey Novack and his family, completed inking an unfinished Sefer Torah— previously in storage at Barnes-Jewish Hospital— and rededicated the scroll to Chabad Sunday Sept. 17.

Kayla Steinberg | Contributing Reporter

How to keep things in balance

Campus religious groups give students the opportunity to connect with a community of faith and culture on a meaningful level, and religious leaders are frequently the first to refer young people to counselors, therapists and relevant resources.

Rabbi Hershey Novak | Director of Chabad

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