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Junior year: So Fo Ho, Mothers Men and tomatoes

The 2009-2010 school year was filled with new campus developments, student activism and controversy, allowing Wash. U. students to make their mark on the events of the year.

| News Editor

A closer look at the ethnic profiling of Japanese Americans

Student Life reporter Dana Glaser sat down with Michael Adams and Gyo Obata, alumni of the Washington University School of Medicine and Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts, respectively, to discuss their fathers’ legacies and their own experiences while observing the fate of Japanese Americans.

| Contributing Reporter

Cutting the Center for Ethics a regrettable, responsible decision

Last Spring, we made a policy prescription for the Washington University administration, given a newly anemic endowment and the resulting diminished operating budget. In a staff editorial published on April 28, 2009, we wrote, “Any changes in the operating budget should prioritize internal well-being above public image.” We stand by this statement now as we […]

A welcome from the 2009-2010 editorial board

By the time this first issue of Student Life meets your eyes, you will have discovered that change is in the air as we enter the fall semester of 2009. Physically, the South 40 is in transition as new buildings replace old ones and for the first time in recent memory the words “Bear’s Den” […]

From Watergate to WU

Noted investigative reporter Carl Bernstein spoke about journalistic and governmental accountability as a part of the Assembly Series on Thursday afternoon.

| Staff Reporter

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