March Madness: 5 TV events to finish out the month

Luckily for procrastinators, there are still almost two weeks of March left, and that fortnight is filled with exciting television events to keep you occupied and away from the books. Here are five of the best.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Why is this still on? ‘The Big Bang Theory’

I used to enjoy watching “The Big Bang Theory.” I’ve seen most of the syndicated episodes that run in three-hour marathons on TBS, as well as some of the newer seasons. But somewhere along the way, I became heavily disenchanted.

| Staff Writer

‘Survivor: One World’

“Survivor” premiered in the summer of 2000, when we seniors were still in elementary school. It’s been on the air twice a year ever since, and even though it’s already had 23 seasons, people keep watching. The producers have come up with some clever twists to keep things fresh.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

A new season of ‘Redemption’?

When “Survivor” first premiered, I hadn’t even started middle school. Now, I am a junior in college, and the show is back for its 22nd season. The people behind “Survivor” are doing everything they can to keep it relevant and interesting. Welcome to “Survivor: Redemption Island.

| TV Editor

Questions for Laura Schwartz, CBS host

Student Life reporter Scott Fabricant talked to Laura Schwartz, who hosts CBS’s “Trail Mix,” a segment of The Early Show covering what most of the media doesn’t cover for this election cycle.

| Contributing Reporter

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