What happened to the Cardinals?

Picture this: it’s the year 1990. “Ice Ice Baby” tops the Billboard charts, and the Soviet Union remains intact. The LA Rams have yet to even move to St. Louis, where they would go on stay for 21 years before returning to Hollywood. Barry Bonds is about to win his first of seven MVPs, and all but one member of the Cardinals lineup haven’t been born yet. Current skipper Oliver Marmol has yet to start Kindergarten.

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Back to Busch Stadium: Things to watch in the new Cardinals year

The St. Louis Cardinals have had an uneven start to 2019, going 2-3 through Tuesday’s action, but no matter—St. Louis is home sweet home, set for the home opener tomorrow after a rainout today. Hope springs eternal and the Redbirds have a realistic shot at a 12th World Series, so here’s what to keep your eyes peeled for this season.

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So long, St. Louis: My favorite sports memories from four years in the Lou

What St. Louis lacks in bright lights and win-now mandates, it more than makes up for in accessibility and community. I’ll miss those after moving back to the northeast after graduation. Here’s a collection of my fondest St. Louis sports memories over the last four years.

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Keeping up with the Cards: The perfect game day

The MLB regular season started this Friday, and as most Washington University students know, the St. Louis community thrives during the summer for one reason in particular: the St. Louis Cardinals.

Tom Ratts | Contributing Writer

History says St. Louis fans should cheer against the Patriots

On second thought, St. Louisans, the Patriots are the enemy this year; Boston teams have so battered their St. Louis counterparts in recent years that everyone in our area should be rooting against the Patriots come Sunday.

| Editor-in-Chief

Ballpark Village dress policies deserve (further) criticism

Major League Baseball is back in St. Louis for 2014, and Busch Stadium has new neighbors. Ballpark Village, a new district in downtown St. Louis for dining, drinking, shopping and partaking in St. Louis sports culture, represents the completed first step in developing land left over by the 2006 construction of Busch Stadium III.

| Charlie Beard | Class of 2015

Tony La Russa named commencement speaker

Retired St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa has been named the 2014 commencement address speaker, Chancellor Mark Wrighton announced at the senior class toast Monday. La Russa is the third-winningest manager in Major League Baseball history and led the Cardinals to two World Series championships in his 16 seasons with the club.

| Editor-in-Chief

Cardinals are king, but St. Louis athletics have rich history in five professional sports

In the professional sports world, St. Louis may be best known for predominantly being a baseball city. But one would be mistaken to assume that the city’s fans historically have cheered for just America’s pastime.

| Senior Sports Editor

For former Cardinal Maxvill, decades in baseball started at Wash. U.

The most recent of 17 Washington University baseball players to net professional contracts was Russ Chambliss in 1997, but the most distinguished alumnus of the program, and the only one to play in the majors since 1970, is unquestionably Dal Maxvill. While Chambliss never made it out of the minor leagues, Maxvill helped his hometown St.

| Senior Sports Editor

Monday night melancholy in St. Louis

For the thousands of St. Louis sports fans in the downtown area Monday night—a crowd that included droves of the Washington University community—hope and anticipation progressively eroded into disappointment and frustration. First, the Cardinals dropped to a 3-2 deficit in the World Series in their final home game of the season.

| Senior Sports Editor

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