WU athletes on maintaining a healthy lifestyle amidst extended offseason

Even with the cancellation of spring sports, Wash. U. athletes are staying in shape from home.

Miguel Campos | Staff Reporter

Silence on stage: A cappella put on hold

When the members of Washington University’s many a cappella groups heard that classes would be held online until April 30, they knew that their spring concerts would be cancelled.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

With their season cut short, softball reflects on what could have been

Washington University softball started this season on strong footing, however the COVID-19 pandemic brought things to a premature end.

Miguel Campos | Staff Reporter

Not so WILD: End of semester concert cancelled

One of the many things cancelled due to the closure of campus is WILD.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Matt’s Musings: Not having sports sucks, but at least we get this out of it

Sports are gone for now and that’s unfortunate, but with so many events being pushed back next year is going to be more packed with excitement than ever before.

Matt Singer | Sports Columnist

Abrupt ending doesn’t dim stellar careers of WU golf seniors

The premature cancellation of the 2020 NCAA golf season disappointed the seniors hoping for a successful conclusion.

| Senior Sports Editor

Four shows, no stage: Student theatre cancelled

Washington University’s campus closure caused the premature cancellation of four student-run theater performances.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

After season comes to an abrupt end, baseball seniors depart with increased appreciation for their time as Bears

The seniors of the Washington University baseball team found out that they had played their last game of Baseball on March 12.

Josh Shapiro | Staff Reporter

WUStock cancelled, Battle of the Jams winners hope for another chance

Members of Third Chance, the winner of this year’s Battle of the Jams, reflect on WUStock’s cancellation.

Isabelle Gillman | Staff Writer

From chasing a championship to searching for closure: Men’s basketball’s final week, in the Bears’ own words, Part 3

This is the finalpart of a three-part oral history detailing the final days of the Men’s Basketball season.

| Senior Sports Editor

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