College rankings website names Wash. U. best college campus in US

College rankings website Niche placed Washington University No. 1 on its list of “Best College Campuses in America” for 2018.

Megan Sharma | Staff Reporter

CGI U security to have limited effect on campus

Despite the number of important figures and out-of-town delegates arriving at Washington University this weekend for the Clinton Global Initiative University conference, the campus will not see noticeable security differences or road restrictions.

| Senior News Editor

A thank you to campus employees

The extended snow day this past Monday and Tuesday not only proved that weather could close Washington University but also provided a much-needed rest day for most University students and staff. (Sorry, medical students.) For those essential personnel who were required to work, however, the 43-hour “snowpocalypse” was anything but relaxing.

St. Louis ranked again as most dangerous city

Though Washington University undergraduates in general feel safe near campus, St. Louis is once again the nation’s most dangerous city, a national research group has found. The CQ Press report from Nov. 22 named the city America’s most dangerous for the second time in five years.

| Senior News Editor

Focus on: Campus Landscaping

Spring at Washington University is indie W.I.L.D., moody rain showers, spontaneous tornadoes, painfully lovely sunshine when finals are around the corner and—most consistently—Wash. U.’s many flowerbeds in bloom. Just how much effort is put into making plants a part of Wash. U.’s aesthetic?

| Scene Reporter

Take a break from studying for some worthwhile events

We were gratified to see Graham Chapel’s seats filled this past Thursday for Matisyahu’s phenomenal performance. Given the amount of work we all have around this time, it’s great to see our fellow students prioritizing extra-curriculars beyond drinking. As the semester enters its most stressful period, so many exciting events are coming to campus.

Junior aims to improve math education

People are always talking about bridging the gap that exists between students in different geographical areas. And while some groups like Teach For America are well known and attract many applicants, one lesser-known organization is Reasoning Mind (RM).

| Contributing Reporter

Getting from dorm to Mordor

Now that I live off campus, my appreciation for public transportation has greatly increased. It was different when I lived in Shepley, especially since Shepley was far from everything and anything. Due to this distance problem, I was forced to consider many different methods of transportation.

| Forum Editor

The WU underground campus tour

My suitemates recently dreamt up a rather inspired idea for a business venture. Rather than turn it into a profit, however, they encouraged me to turn it into a Student Life column. Close enough, I guess. Apparently my tendency to write only about all things Obama has bored them enough to outweigh any potential loss […]

| Staff Columnist

Building community on campus

Community is something that is often spoken about, but it seems that it is rarely achieved. Communities can only get so big before they splinter into smaller communities. What makes a community worth striving for and how can we form one?

| Staff Columnist

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