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First Year Center outlines plan for next year’s Bear Beginnings program

In collaboration with a number of other Washington University organizations, the First Year Center has used a feedback-driven approach to redesign the Bear Beginnings program for the 2020-2021 academic year.

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Student groups seek signatures for this year’s round of block funding petitions

Emergency Support Team, Campus Y, Uncle Joe’s Peer Counseling and Habitat for Humanity have all circulated petitions for block funding from SU for the 2020-2021 academic year.

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WU-student led science olympiad team qualifies for first nationals

After placing second at the Science Olympiad State Championships on April 8, the Wydown Middle School science olympiad team, coached by Washington University undergraduates, will advance to the 33rd Annual Science Olympiad National Tournament for the first time in team history May 20.

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Petitions for SU block funding open

In advance of Student Union’s general budget session, four student groups have chosen to apply for block funding: Habitat for Humanity, Campus Y, Uncle Joe’s Peer Counseling and Emergency Support Team.

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Safe Trick-or-Treat brings costumed children to campus

Safe Trick-or-Treat was not thwarted by threats of inclement weather, with families and Washington University students coming together to celebrate Halloween on the South 40.

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Local students ‘Picture the future’ with Campus Y

Almost everyone can agree that some forms of photography are objectively horrible—instagrammed pictures of salad, self-portraits taken in uncomfortably close proximity to a toilet, and anything in sepia immediately come to mind. But what makes a “good” picture is a bit harder to pin down.

| Art Director

Grandfather remembers war, internment and Wash.U.

With the Executive Order 9066, President Franklin Roosevelt authorized the forced removal of Japanese Americans across the United States. While some had only weeks to prepare for the event and others had months, most spent years in relocation camps located in places like rural Utah, Arizona and Wyoming. But about 30 Japanese American students instead […]

| Special Features Editor

Freshman organizes 5K charity race

Washington University students and members of the local community will take part in the Take Steps for Kids 5K Run/Walk around campus this Sunday.

| Contributing Reporter

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