Campus Safety

Staff editorial: Student safety must stay a priority

It is close to impossible to please everyone involved when the policies themselves have the potential to affect everyone on campus. So, with all of the changes announced by both WUPD and Campus Life, it is of the utmost importance that students continue to offer their input.

Students concerned over lack of safety alerts after off-campus armed robbery

Some students have raised concerns about public safety communications after an armed robbery occurred on the Centennial Walkway Oct. 31 around 12:35 a.m., and only certain off-campus residents were notified due to a technical issue.

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Staff ed: Communicate to all on issues of safety

The Student Life editorial board urges the Washington University Police Department—and any other offices associated with dissemination of alerts—to send all security memos and related warnings to all Washington University students, regardless of housing circumstance.

Op-ed submission: Stay safe

Although the University works hard to keep students safe, we want to remind you of the many resources offered so you can be even more secure.

Campus Safety Task Force

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