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Editorial Cartoon: The Circulator

Patricia Witt | Student Life

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Editorial Cartoon: The circulator broke down

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Campus circulator reduces frequency to increase reliability

The Washington University campus circulator began following a revised timetable this week, after shuttle drivers and students raised concerns about the reliability of its schedule. The circulator bus, which previously ran every 16 minutes, will now run every 20 minutes, according to Stephanie Hunter, transportation operations supervisor in Parking and Transportation Services.

| Associate Editor

Getting from dorm to Mordor

Now that I live off campus, my appreciation for public transportation has greatly increased. It was different when I lived in Shepley, especially since Shepley was far from everything and anything. Due to this distance problem, I was forced to consider many different methods of transportation.

| Forum Editor

Public transportation: An inquiry into getting around at WU

Now that I live in Shepley, my hypothesis—that Shepley is the farthest from everything and anything—has been proven correct. Due to this distance problem, I have been forced to reconsider many different methods of transportation.

| Forum Editor

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