Editor’s Note Episode 14: Arts make a comeback

With the majority of Washington University’s in-person performances, concerts and exhibitions canceled since early last March, the Student Life arts and entertainment section, Cadenza, has had to reckon with a drastic shift in artistic production and consumption.

| Staff Writer

Taylor Swift releases exclusive album about relationship drama at Wash. U.

Swift’s pop tunes and ballads tugs at the heartstrings and wipes the stuffy noses of Wash. U. students who have been through so much this year.

AlleyCat Silver | This is art


BARKHAMPTON is best known for their SHIHTZURATION trilogy of albums which was released throughout the second half of 2017 and recently announced a new album, PUPPY, which is planned for release in Summer 2018.

Dog Name Dog Name | Contributing Woofer

Matt and Kim bring energy, personality to the Pageant

After a yearlong hiatus from touring, Matt and Kim are back on the road. On March 27, the duo visited the Pageant as the fourth stop on their national tour.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Winter sports wrap-up

So…sports. Yup. They’re pretty cool. Hit things. Running. Yay. The ball goes in the hole. Cheering. Woo. OK, I give up. To be completely honest, I’m only writing this article because the sports writers are all swamped this week and decided to pile their misfortune on Cadenza. Thanks, guys. I guess we can start with the Super Bowl.

Lil Kim | Number One Stunnah

In Knope We Trust: Cadenza’s Pick for President

Unemployment is high. The deficit is massive. The economy is in flux. It’s pretty clear. The United States is at a crossroads, and this election represents a choice between two clear sides. Cadenza is concerned for our country, so we felt it was our civic duty to weigh in and endorse a candidate for president.

2012 Grammys – Liveblog

4:47: We’re just a few hours away from the 2012 Grammys! Check back here for commentary with a side of snark from Movie/TV Editor Georgie Morvis! 5:52: Who is Sasha Gradiva, why is she wearing guns, and …why is she wearing guns?! 5:55: Rebecca Black is at the Grammys. Arcade Fire who? 5:59: Former Kanye […]

| Movie/TV Editor

Fall 2007 TV

The most notable thing about the fall 2007 TV season is how few of the shows that premiered remain, but then again, that happens every year.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

2007 in Movies

The year the Class of 2011 entered Wash. U.—2007—was like most years in the movies: It had unbelievable highs and inconceivable lows. The top-grossing movie was “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End,” which many thought (and hoped) would be the last film in the series. Alas, another was made, and it’s being released on the same day as Commencement—May 20.

| Movie/TV editor

Looking back on 2007 games

“The Orange Box”: Four years later, each game in the dreadfully named “Orange Box” has graduated to becoming legends in their own right. “Half-Life 2: Episode Two” was the last the world has seen of Gordon Freeman, and he has yet to reappear. “Team Fortress 2” has gone from elegant class-based shooter to war-themed hat simulator.

| Video Games Editor

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