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PODCAST: The Cadenza Show, Episode 4

This episode has our biggest cast yet, seven contributors! Wow, that’s almost twice our viewership!

PODCAST: The Cadenza Show, Episode 3

What starts off as a normal podcast quickly changes into an abnormal one. Cici, Alex and Nora are whisked away and are replaced by a guest-host, the apathetic Jesse Calvert. He and Percy venture through a new segment (!) that goes over our favorite comments from last week, and they also talk about Shutter Island and Dwarf Fortress. Not sure what that is? You’re not alone. Click on to find out.

PODCAST: The Cadenza Show, Episode 2

Episode two brings us to such topics as “Lost,” flash games that may or may not involve pooping your pants, and why our mothers love Christopher Walken.

PODCAST: The Cadenza Show, Episode 1

The wacky Cadenza staff reviews the music, TV, and movies of the last week, and speculates about entertainment happenings to come.

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