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Led Zeppelin and wild zebras start a jazz band

Led Zeppelin zonked the Zambian paparazzi yesterday when the zealous rock band announced that their next album would have a heavy jazz-influence. However, the zaniest, jacuzzi-sized, dizzying announcement was yet to come: Zeppelin will record with album with wild zebras. “People call us crazy, but Zeppelin has always zigged when others have zagged,” Jimmy Page said. “This isn’t navel-gazing.

Zeb Lazerath | Local Jazz Enthusiast

Avatar declared greatest film ever

Though some elitists, like those of the Academy for Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, have snubbed the highest-grossing film of all time, James Cameron’s “Avatar”, it recently earned another distinction. When the American Film Institute revised “100 Years…

Joe Schmo | The man with the plan

Disney’s dirty deeds: scarred for life

Think of the easiest object to draw. Did you think of a penis? Because we did, and so did all those perverted Disney animators. The sex stars in Lion King, Aladdin’s “take off your clothes” line, and the topless woman in The Rescuers Down Under are priceless contributions to the movies we know and love, […]

Ashley Adam Rubin | World's Greatest Lover

Cadenza scoops W.I.L.D. lineup: Jay-Z, London Philharmonic to Headline, Barbra Streisand and Creed listed as opening acts.

Cadenza is thrilled to announce the lineup for Spring W.I.L.D. 2010, days ahead of the scheduled public announcement by Team 31 Productions. Sources confirm that Jay-Z will collaborate with the London Philharmonic Orchestra to headline and, in keeping with a history of multiple W.I.L.D. artists, Barbra Streisand and Creed will be the opening acts.

Icic Pepsi-Let | Friendly Corporate Shill

Career Center encourages students to apply for positions with SFA (Strip For America)

The Washington University Career Center is encouraging students to consider joining a recently established organization, Strip For America (SFA). SFA founder Ivanna Gonaked describes the great shortage of good strippers in America: “A lot of people have this misperception that there are good strippers across the country, but that’s just not true.

Angel Spanks | Pole Beat Reporter

CADENA: Has anyone seen my ‘Z’?

As you all can tell by now, I am missing my Z. No, do not just point at my byline and say, “There it is!” That is a different Z. I borrowed it. From Ta_mania. This Z is very important to me.

| Best Section Ever

In defense of Nickelback

First off, I want to state that this article need not be written: Having to defend Nickelback is like having to defend sliced bread, The Beatles or Miley Cyrus. I just don’t understand where the hatred of this magnificent band comes from: is it just jealousy of their fame, fortune and pure unadulterated awesomeness?

Rad Broeger | Great music connoisseur

This day in history

It was a very exciting day in history, on today, March 31st. The most exciting event happened overseas, but it was a very exciting day for Americans as well.

Brian Razak | Senior Citizen

Chancellor has high hopes for high ranking

Chancellor Wrighton has led Washington University into the upper echelon of universities in America, and he is on a fast track to make his campus one of the most sustainable in the country. And now he has a new goal: transform Wash. U. into one of the nation’s premier party schools.

Harrison Umrathamson | The man with the plan

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